Point Of View

Weaving the Strands of Plot I shouldn’t have relaxed so soon, thinking strands of plot were coming together, like barely visible wisps of moisture gathering into a cloud. I’m having a rethink about the point of view. I had thought my MC (main character) was the elderly physicist. He was the first to appear and […]

Four Stars for Far Out

Big Al’s Books & Pals Top indie review site, Big Al’s Books & Pals, awarded four stars for Far Out. You can imagine how Saffron feels about that, probably the same as I do. Far Out is a YA fantasy about 17 year-old Saffron, whose ambition is to become a herbalist and create cosmetic and healing […]


‘What you got Marsha?’ ‘Someone sent me a card. It’s mine. Get off.’ ‘Who’s it from?’ ‘Get off! Hey!’ ‘It’s blank.’ ‘It’s a Valentine, dummy.’ ‘You gotta boyfriend and you never told me.’ ‘I do not have a boyfriend.’ ‘Who’s got a see-cret ad-myr-ah?’ ‘Piss off Jen.’ ‘Is it lame Derek?’ ‘You’re just jealous. Gimme […]


Two writer friends discuss the difficulties of getting published. “You need a good beginning.” “How about, It was a dark and stormy night?” “No! Cliché! Cliché! Cliché!” “You talk about clichés with those exclamation marks? Wash your prose out with soap and water.” “The WP will do it. Find and replace; search and destroy…” “I […]

The Day Death Wore Boots

The Day Death Wore Boots is an anthology of ghost stories is out from Alfie Dog Fiction, the first stop for short story downloads and other fiction. Sometimes Death Wears Satin Slippers The collection of twenty spine-chillers includes one of mine, The Bed. It is based on a true story. My mother actually had a […]