A Visit To The Circus

When I launched Far Out, I wrote the Blogger Summer Blog Hop Giveaway Riddle to launch the series of posts. As a project it was great fun. I kicked off with the riddle. The giveaway has expired but I wanted to revive the series of posts because they give a flavour of the book, and they were very enjoyable to do. Here’s your riddle.

Riddle text for Blogger Summer Giveaway Hop On pale blue Scroll

Can you guess the answer?







Blogger Summer Blog Hop 2013

Got the answer? You can even conjure it in your own kitchen!
Happy Reading!

Coffee and Characters YA Blog

The original Blogger Summer Blog Hop for Far Out was published on Coffee and Characters Blog in June 2013.

Remember to join Saffron and Nate again in the Star Gazing Tent soon. You can check out Far Out and my other publications here.

Credits: Artwork courtesy of Coffee and Characters

Article first published: June 2013

New Book

I’ll be publishing a new fiction in October this year. It’s an adventure fantasy for older children and grown-ups who never grew up. I shall be seeking reviews and feedback. If you would like a freebie sample read, please let me know on the contact form or email me at info[at]ffross[dot]com to request it. Put “October 2017 Free Sample” in the subject line. This is a one-time notification. I will not spam you nor send your details on to third parties.