Twin Flames

Cover art for Twin Flames Ancient Egyptian teen princess is gifted a red rose by her suitor.

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A Time Travel Body Swap Romantic Comedy

When ancient Egypt arrives in modern Manhattan, anything could happen

In this time travel body-swap romcom, spoilt Princess Nefi must choose a husband from The Pharaoh’s and Nefertiti ‘s hand-picked suitors. It feels like a business arrangement, but Nefi yearns to find her twin flame. By eloping with sexy Sobek, the man of her dreams, she angers both mortals and gods.

They command Lord Idu, her bodyguard and would-be husband, to get her back. But she won’t have Idu. In her book he’s no wall painting, and she falls for Sobek’s pretty face.

Ancient Egypt arrives in New York City

Fast forward thousands of years, and Nefi wakes in her burial chamber, only to be disturbed by an American Egyptology team. Nefi’s ghost thinks the gods have reincarnated Sobek as team leader, Leo. Using her soul transfer prayer, she swaps her body with Leo’s girlfriend, Alison, and returns with unsuspecting Leo to the USA.

But she’s committed grave sins against divine justice and she’s in a whole heap of trouble. Well, the gods aren’t having that. They don’t forgive and forget easily, and they send the spirit of Idu to return her soul to Osiris.

Who is Princess Nefi’s Twin Flame

Pure escapism in this fish-out-of-water body-swap romantic comedy, but real life lessons too, as an ancient Egyptian princess struggles to make sense of modern Manhattan, masquerade as Leo’s fiancée and keep Idu and the gods off her back while she gets her new life buttoned down, not to mention bat off the spirit of Alison, who’s absolutely spitting.

Fans of Wilbur Smith’s River God and of royalty and aristocrats romance or fish out of water body swap romantic comedies will love this book.

Available in Kindle, KindleUnlimited, PB

Published August 2022

What they said

“An intense love story spanning over 4000 years, an adventure filled with wit, humour and mischief. This novel is the ultimate escapist’s dream.” Nicole Neuman

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