‘What you got Marsha?’
‘Someone sent me a card. It’s mine. Get off.’
‘Who’s it from?’
‘Get off! Hey!’
‘It’s blank.’
‘It’s a Valentine, dummy.’
‘You gotta boyfriend and you never told me.’
‘I do not have a boyfriend.’
‘Who’s got a see-cret ad-myr-ah?’
‘Piss off Jen.’
‘Is it lame Derek?’
‘You’re just jealous. Gimme my card.’
‘No. You’ve gone red. You’ve got the hots for Derek.’
‘Have not. How many guys do WE know who like girls with black-framed glasses and Ugly Betty orthodontics?’
‘Must be a perve with a broken heart round here somewhere. You don’t suppose it’s spotty Liam, is it? Oh my god.’
‘Is spotty Liam even human? Gimme back my card.’
‘No. I wanna be here when you beam those braces at him.’
‘You’re a real cow sometimes.’
‘Show us the envelope.’
‘Won’t help.’
‘O M G, here comes zit-of-your-dreams.’
‘Hey girls.’
‘You all right, Liam?’
‘Yeah, thanks Marsha, I… you got the card Jen.’
‘No, it’s Marsha’s card. We… Don’t laugh. Shuddup Marsha.’
‘Oh I thought… but it’s for you Jen.’
‘You put it in her locker. Marsha, shuddup.’
‘Sorry Marsha. Jen, I thought it was your locker. The card’s for you.’