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Top indie review site, Big Al’s Books & Pals, awarded four stars for Far Out. You can imagine how Saffron feels about that, probably the same as I do.

Far Out is a YA fantasy about 17 year-old Saffron, whose ambition is to become a herbalist and create cosmetic and healing products. It explores the father-teen relationship, a rival in a potential stepmother, space junk, cosmology and interstellar travel. The dystopian world Saffron inhabits brings her back to earth with a bump when the men she loves are taken prisoner by an authoritarian regime which has ostracised the population in favour of a rich few.

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Big Al’s Books & Pals

Four stars for Far Out

Here’s a snippet.

Saffron’s father has been grouchy since her mother died of fever after they moved to the Seaweed Slum. Life there could send anyone of the cliff edge, but Dad is all Saffron has in the world. She prays to Infinity the patrols won’t catch him when he sneaks off on his secret missions. Dad was an astronautics engineer in his heyday, and his obsession with space junk gives metal fatigue a whole new meaning. That stuff is a waste of space. Dad could be doing better things with his time. At least Saffron has Nigel her puppy for company.

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Note: Far Out is currently not available through Smashwords because it is available in KindleUnlimited.

This article first published 3 June 2014.

Credits: Far Out cover art by Sara Gelfgren