Web sites I wish I’d thought of

Web sites I wish I’d thought of… www.baggagereclaim.com Self-help with a sense of humor www.bubblecow.com Professional editing for writers http://writeordie.com/ By Dr. Wicked…over to you. http://www.deviantart.com/ The world’s largest online art gallery and community, soooo edgy. http://www.boredpanda.com/ The only magazine for pandas. Actually, we’re not bored at all. Do you know any GREAT web site names? […]

Ogres onions and layers

Ogres, onions and layers – Part 1 Shrek is our favourite celebrity ogre, right?  And he has a message relevant to your writing. Remember when Shrek and Donkey set out on the quest to rescue Princess Fiona from the dragon’s castle? They trudge through a field of sunflowers, bickering as usual. Shrek states, “Ogres are […]