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It’s out! FLAT SQUIRREL My new book for middle graders, and for grown-ups who never grew up. I had a lot of fun writing it, although there were the tough bits of nailing the story logic and making the prose readable.

You’ll find it in the Troubador Bookshop and on Amazon dot com and dot UK. For you iTunes Bookstore shoppers, you can take advantage of a pre-publication promo of 50% off, half off until EBook publication day on 22nd June.

Flat Squirrel, Flying High, Crash Landing, Struggles and Donuts

So what’s it about? Here’s the blurb.

“In a land similar to New England, humans cut down the flying squirrels’ beech tree and threaten their nut supply.  Duggan worries they’ll starve. Great Furry Gopher, we must find more food. He knows there are more beeches over the highway and he crosses it, but almost gets flattened by a motorbike.

New friends in the forest help him out, when they’re not fighting over a carrot or potato from their vegetable patch. Charlie gopher wants to raid the green bin, yummy leftovers from the new diner and gas station. It’s food heaven for the gopher kids, but the grown-ups forbid it. They think human food is bad. Mother gopher Violet worries her kids will get caught, but Charlie says it won’t happen. “We skedaddle faster than a grizzly with a skunk after it.”

All Duggan wants to do is to get home. He builds devices to cross the highway but it’s harder than he thought. The animals raid the commercial bakery, which churns out an endless feast of cakes. The flour, fat, sugar combo changes everything. These doughnuts are so tasty! Gopher twins Luca and Milo power up the metal pathway and Milo falls in the dough hopper.

Can Duggan get them out of there? The animals have put on a bit, not good for gliders or for flash-mob food raiders. They annoy Gross Daisy, the meanest-ever junk-food junkie. She won’t have any threat to her cake supply and she’ll pancake the little varmints if she catches them.”

A huge shout-out thanks to Troubador Publishing whose professionalism, expertise and efficiency helped create a beautiful book. I am so pleased with it.

Interview With A Flat Squirrel

I caught up with Duggan the flying squirrel in a brief stationary moment. Here’s the interview.

“No animals were harmed in the writing of this book. Squirrels are flattened, it’s true, but as writers, we should get it more than most, how it feels to have your noses ground into the tarmac.

Mind you, there’s more than one way to squash a squirrel, so readers shouldn’t be too alarmed. This little critter never gives up. She wrote about it. They’ve already called her, ‘mental’, and ‘bonkers’. Ha ha. ‘Loony’ will swiftly follow. Try spending a day with those gophers, then you’ll understand. They’re nuts. (Groan… but then, nuts are my business, or were, until we found the snacks.)

Thinking about it, my story is a bit Looney Tunes in tone. Hang on while I collect my teeth and in the meantime, why don’t you hop over to my Facebook page Flat Squirrel Duggan and please follow me on twitter, @flatsquirrel2. Thanks a bunch. Have a donut. Catch you later.”

FLAT SQUIRREL . Published by Troubador Publishing Ltd, Matador imprint. Pub Date 12 June (PB), 22 June (EBook). 177 pages, b&w illustrations. Colour cover. Price £8.99 retail (£3.99 EBook). Available from most online and to order from real-life bookshops.


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