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Spring Fantasy Feast

What’s done is done and the world will not return to normal. Ever. The best thing we can do for our own mental health and to support others is to accept our new reality. It’s okay to take a break from the news and media and not feel guilty about it. Actually, it’s probably better for you and obsession with the tragedy coming out of Ukraine will only wear you out. You need to conserve mental and physical energy for efforts to help and support those affected. It’s okay to escape into reading, like you used to. These days I like to escape into urban fantasy.

Reading & Writing

Unprovoked physical war on top of a pandemic has added upheaval to trauma for everybody. Understanding myself better over prolonged pandemic lockdown, I discovered I can focus on writing, but I really struggle with concentrating on reading. Maybe that explains why my output is prolific these days. Another distraction is that I’m packing up to move house. Very unsettling. I just wish it was all over.

My Escape Into Urban Fantasy

So I can write it, and it’s my preferred relief from world events these days. I discovered urban fantasy a year or so ago and I’m hooked. Actually, I’ve been reading it for a while. Masters of the genre, a.k.a. Magical Realism, include Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett, both superstars and household names ,and there are countless other brilliant creators too, like Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth and recently discovered (for me) D.S. Murphy and Marisa Mills.

What am I working on this year? I have a woodland fae urban fantasy series (4 Books) I’m currently writing which I’m enjoying very much. I have a paranormal fish-out-of-water urban fantasy that just needs a second edit then it’s ready to launch. I can’t wait to get that one out. Wait until you see the cover art! It’s scrumptious. The standalone and the series will be on Amazon later this year, but you can read my urban fantasy Dark Forest Dryad Book 1 here.

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Ready to escape?

The books won’t cost you anything but time and your enthusiasm for reading. They’re freebies but they won’t be there forever so grab ’em now!

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to a better future. You’re not responsible for all of it, but do what you can. It’s a community effort.