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Can you imagine? Before Generation Y, writers like me bashed away on those museum pieces called typewriters. Then we were wowed briefly by new word processing systems. I was a “jack-of-all-trades” wordsmith for years before the Interweb was even a short circuit on Tim Berners-Lee’s motherboard.

Now the web has outgrown the planet, finding the information and resources writers need is more challenging than ever. There’s so much of it. And we have to keep learning, in ever-faster cycles, as so succinctly observed by Mr Moore (Moore’s Law). No rest for the eWicked. Keep spinning!

Currently working on

Gates of Hades The Book

Script development of Gates of Hades, a supernatural thriller, with 48FILM Inc., Beverly Hills, CA.

My new fiction project, WereTeen, a coming-of-age teen fiction. (Cover art above).

Here’s what I hope to share with you on my blog.

  • We’ll explore apps for screenwriters, apps for fiction writers, best apps for writers, and so on.
  • I’ll address such questions as, “What’s the most efficient way to write your book?”
  • We can tackle goals like, “Write a killer first draft.”
  • We can find solutions for, “How to format my spec script or screenplay for Hollywood,” and similar.

Do you have a burning question about your writing projects? Send it in! There’s a contact form above on the Menu, or you can leave a reply below.

A little more…

I’ve always written editorial and magazine articles. I started writing full-time in 2010, mostly web content writing. I haven’t ever had what you’d call a “proper” job. My life has been mostly entrepreneurial. I’ve worked in theatre, film, TV and the music biz, doing techy stuff like lighting and sound. I’ve managed companies and staff, done book-keeping, debt collection, driven vans, swept floors and made tea. I’ve been an artist and a writer.

I have two first degrees, a BSc in Technology (Open University 2001) and a BSc Information Technology (University of Reading 2010). I also have a TESOL qualification and I taught English to Spanish students.

I also write fiction. I don’t subscribe to the view that “all fiction has been written”, because I’ve not written all of mine yet. I like to write YA (Young Adult/Dystopian), Science Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll stick around and participate.


Fiona Faith Ross author and web writer

Updated: May 2016