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Bad Hair, Good Day

A Mini Bio

Born and educated in the UK,  I worked in Film, the Music Industry and TV during my early career, and later as an entrepreneur. I have two first degrees, a BSc in Technology (Open University 2001) and a BSc Information Technology (University of Reading 2010). I went on an adventure to live in Spain and I taught English to Spanish students.  Writing has always been a part of it.

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Fiona Faith Ross writer, screenwriter and web content writer. Email me at info@ffross.com 


Updated: February 2022

  • Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2020 Laurels
  • Hollywood Screenplay Contest B&W Laurels
  • Winning Laurels for Wereteen at Miami Beach Film Festival 2018 B & W
  • Flat Squirrel Best Screenplay Laurels Florida Comedy Film Festival 2020
  • Oregon Screams Horror Film Festival 2022 Official Selection laurels, white on black.
  • Bloodstained Indie Film Festival 2021Best Short Script laurels various text on white