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Can you imagine? Before Generation Y, writers like me bashed away on those museum pieces called typewriters. Then we were wowed briefly by new word processing systems. I was a “jack-of-all-trades” wordsmith for years before the Interweb sparked a short circuit on Tim Berners-Lee’s motherboard.

Now the web has outgrown the planet, finding the information and resources writers need is more challenging than ever. There’s so much of it. And we have to keep learning, in ever-faster cycles, as so succinctly observed by Mr Moore (Moore’s Law). No rest for the eWicked. Keep spinning!


WereTeen screenplay awarded Official Selection at Miami Beach Film Festival 2018.

official selection laurels of Miami Beach Film Festival 2018 blue on white

Official Selection of WereTeen MBFF 2018


New! Desert Adventure screenplay, in progress. (Updated October 2017)

Adventure Animation story for middle grade readers, on the themes of friendship, rejection and never giving up. Screenplay completed. Novella coming soon. (Updated October 2017)

WereWimp (WereTeen) a coming-of-age teen fiction, screenplay completed, novel going through redrafts. (Cover art above). (Updated July 2017)

Copywriter for Hurdle London and Pink Wafer, Creative Agencies.


Far Out

Writing Fiction

The Day Death Wore Boots (Anthology of Short Stories from Alfie Dog Fiction)

One Word Anthology (A collection of writings from Talkback Writers’ Group)

A Mini Bio

I have two first degrees, a BSc in Technology (Open University 2001) and a BSc Information Technology (University of Reading 2010). Gaining a TESOL qualification so that I could go on an adventure to live in Spain, I taught English to Spanish students. Born and educated in the UK,  I worked in Film, the Music Industry and TV during my early career,  and later as an entrepreneur. Writing has always been a part of it.

Co-Writer Gates of Hades, a supernatural thriller, in pre-production.

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Fiona Faith Ross author, screenwriter and web content writer.

Updated: October 2017