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 cover art for Writing Fiction. My self help guide for writers on how to survive the long war with words.

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What I Wish I’d Known When I Started

Writing fiction? Survive the war with words to live your dream and sustain your writers’ life.

In it for the long haul? Writing for a living and creating content take their toll not just on your brain but on your body too. People think writers lounge in their luxury ivory towers and drink filter coffee from a self-filling jug, or they’re starving in a garret, but there, the hazards are worse. There are numb muscles, repetitive strain injury (RSI), eye strain, poor circulation from sitting too long, not to mention bad diet. Who said writers block?

Writing fiction and to survive the war with words, many people are under the impression writers only have to fire up the laptop and wait for the muse to join them for a cozy creative session over dainty triangular sandwiches and fairy cakes. Pages will write themselves.

You do? Oh well, lucky you, read no further. Hit publish and put your feet up. Maybe elite writers can do that, but for most of us, the rewards of creating something out of nothing and sense of achievement are only found at the end of a long slog.

A Handy Self Help Book For Writers

My book Writing Fiction is a collection of insights and tips to fast-track your writing skills to a higher level and manage your writers’ life.

This book came out of the mistakes I made as a ‘rookie’ writer, and the research done and tuition I took to put them right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned word hack, there are useful tips and tricks and exercises throughout to help refresh and renew your writers’ toolbox.

Why trudge through the sludge when you can get there faster?

Happy writing.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, PB

First published 2016, updated 2018. New cover 2022.

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