Four Stars for Far Out

Big Al’s Books & Pals Top indie review site, Big Al’s Books & Pals, awarded four stars for Far Out. You can imagine how Saffron feels about that, probably the same as I do. Far Out is a YA fantasy about 17 year-old Saffron, whose ambition is to become a herbalist and create cosmetic and healing […]

Writing Fiction

Announcing the publication of my new book, Writing Fiction – What I Wish I’d Known When I Started. I’ve been pounding away at this game for over ten years, now, like the rest of the world. Everyone will tell you, even editors, if they have time to couch a rejection in a soothing salve, will […]

Gates of Hades The Movie

Open The Gates of Hades please pay the boatman here, for your ride to hell Update June 28 2016 Are you ready to meet your fate? The Gates of Hades are open. Prepare to meet your doom! LOL. But before you go, please support me in making my first ever feature movie. We’ve kicked off our […]

Costa Book of The Year Award 2015

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge has won one of the UK’s top literary prizes, the Costa Book of The Year 2015. Frances beat strong contenders with her children’s book, the first of this genre to win since Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass from the trilogy, His Dark Materials. Frances said she had not at […]

Thank you

Q. When is a blog like a party? A. It’s much more fun when people turn up. In this case, we’re not ready for you, and the full eats menu is not on display, but the wine’s in the fridge, so stay and chill. Thanks for coming, even if it’s a short visit. Do check back […]

Writers apps and resources

Hello writers and welcome to my blog. I collect information and useful material to help you with your craft. My mission is to create a go-to site of writers apps and resources, which you can dip in to as you need, so you can concentrate on your work. Be patient, if you wouldn’t mind. I’m setting this […]