I had drafted a post a few days ago, but events are changing so rapidly in the UK and Europe, it’s out of date before I put it up. Anyway, you can’t stay here, nor can I. Like sharks, we have to keep moving or we die, so how am I keeping alive, in writing terms, that is? We’ve just got over Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s death and funeral, and after the service, my neighbours and me toasted her in the garden.

We ended with “God Save The King”, fitting, and very British. But since then, the UK has a new government, pound sterling has crashed, there’s the energy crisis, a looming mass homelessness in our country, (that’s right, families living on the streets in our awful winters) and wholesale exodus from Russia to avoid forced conscription. What a cruel world we live in, compelling everyone to be on the move. And so life kicks us down the hard road.

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What I’m Up To

Things have to change, but unless and until enough people care to bring compassion back into fashion, we’re shouting into the void, so here’s what I’ve been doing.

NEW RELEASE! My new urban fantasy novel TWIN FLAMES is up on Amazon. It’s a body swap, time travel romance, when ancient Egypt comes to modern Manhattan. I loved writing this one.

I rewrote TWIN FLAMES the screenplay with a stronger structure and clearer through line. Why this story? I dunno. I had the idea and sometimes you gotta write stuff. I love writing stories set in ancient Egypt. It started when I read RIVER GOD (by the late Wilbur Smith), years ago and that story has stayed with me ever since.

Anyway, I’ve got it out of my system now, so onto the next thing.

You Can’t Stay Here as Theme

I’m finishing up DARK FOREST DRYAD Book 2, RENEWAL. It’ll be out in November, and I’m starting Book 3.

A strong theme in Book 2 is, You can’t stay here, and the characters move between 2 worlds, but basically, it’s a book about stalking. It’s important to say my heroine, Lucy, is more a target than a victim. She’s capable of fighting back, and she does. I don’t want to say too much, but take it as a trigger warning.

There will be a further 3 in the series, so come back for updates.

There’ll be new covers and I can’t wait to show them to you. They’re gorgeous!

I’m developing the outline to a ghost story. The concept is changing quite a bit, so it’s worth staying in this phase for longer, but I’ve pretty much got the characters identified.

And There’s More…

Moving on. Remember him? Jimmy Cricket in his trademark wellies. If not, you’re probably too young, or you’re not from Northern Ireland.  “And there’s more” is his catch phrase. I’ve always found him very funny.

I’m working on a second ghost story, a comedy crime caper, and I’m about to start a collaboration with another screenwriter by invitation, which is very exciting. I can’t wait to get started.

Writers have a choice: they either give up or keep going. In the spirit of you can’t stay here, I choose to keep fighting the good fight.

Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder

Great news! A high note to end the summer. My short script MR SINGH’S CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, 12 pages, Comedy, Satire, placed as an Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder. They haven’t posted the list yet, and I’ll link to it when they’ve done it. The script is available for film production folk in my portfolio on Script Revolution.

If you’re in the biz, you know this award is a Big Deal. They received over 14,000 entries this year and for a writer, it feels like you’ve joined an elite club.

My social media exploded when I posted it. Best 15 minutes of fame I’ve had in a long time. Let’s hope I’ll be moving forward and I won’t have to stay in the slush pile for too much longer.

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