Announcing the publication of my new book, Writing Fiction – What I Wish I’d Known When I Started. I’ve been pounding away at this game for over ten years, now, like the rest of the world. (Update December 2022, I’ve put a new cover on it. I expanded the content in 2018.)

Everyone will tell you, even editors, if they have time to couch a rejection in a soothing salve, will try to comfort you with, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.” Newsflash! Everybody IS doing it. My theory is that of the 9 billion population on Planet Earth, 8 billion of them are writing fiction.

However, that’s no reason to stop. If you have the urge, do it, but you need the right attitude, a mental and emotional resilience, and the desire to write for its own sake. If you find the going tough, my book might help you. I’ve picked the best of the knowledge and techniques I’ve collected along the way, and I’m inspired by some great mentors. I hope this distilled information will help you too. If I’d had this book when I started writing fiction, it would have saved me countless wasted hours and words.


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Writing Fiction – What I Wish I’d Known…

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