Hello writers and welcome to my blog.

I collect information and useful material to help you with your craft. My mission is to create a go-to site of writers apps and resources, which you can dip in to as you need, so you can concentrate on your work.

Be patient, if you wouldn’t mind. I’m setting this up, and there’s a lot do.

There’s nothing more a n n o y i n g than have some lumpy distraction take you out of the zone and wreck your writing flow.

Did you stub your toe on a must-know, a technical term, or a genre issue? Been rookie-shamed on that crucial pitch because you didn’t know the industry jargon? They smiled politely but…

…now you look like an *ss, and you got do… (Say it with me, all together now) reee-search.

Check out my QUESTIONS category for pop-up answers to your queries. Grab ’em and get back to your keyboard.

I’ll be posting my own writing too, and information about my books and other publications.

Do you have a question about writing? Ask me, and I’ll do my best to address it. Keep checking in for the latest updates and lowdown on writers apps and resources. See you soon.

Gotta run…I’m meeting a Word Count! Ha!