Welcome to my new author blog

Welcome to my new author blog. 

I plan to have more features and participation on this one, with resources for writers, besides showcasing my own work.

Have you followed me here from my previous blog? Great!

I hope you’ll send in your questions, comments and suggestions.

If you’d like to write a guest post for my new author blog, please contact me on info@ffross.com or through the contact form in the menu above.

Thanks for visiting and stick around!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my new author blog

  1. Hi Fiona love the new blog. Could you pass on to your writers the amazing experience I’ve had from using the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson for writing my novel, Being a Girl. His basics are getting the framework of the story written from beginning to end, starting with just a paragraph of the entire story and then expanding it. I finished mine in 50,000 words but less would work too. The additional work is ‘fleshing out’ your book. I just love this approach as I’m never asking ‘where is my story going?’ and haven’t had a ‘soggy middle.’ Keep up the good work. Rita Trotman

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