Who says Christmas can’t be twisted? I’m thrilled to say I had two entries accepted into the latest of the Twisted50 series of ghost horror stories, Twisted Ghosts of Christmas. The writers seem to have added a whole new meaning to ‘Christmas spirit’ in their warped imaginations. Also thrilled to be included in a group of such talented and recognised writers.

Check out the series here. and Get Your Copies Here.

Twisted Ghosts of Christmas

Load your Kindles or order it in paperback or audiobook. Intrigued by this one? The other titles are, Twisted 50 Volume 1, Twisted 50 Volume 2, and Twisted’s Evil Little Sister Volume 1.

It’s a clever idea, a collection of a range of creative talent and writing styles of different authors, coming at the theme from various points of view and diversity of characters, and the series is building up its fan following. We’d love to have your reviews, and leave a comment on the Twisted50 site, or here. I love to get your comments too.

Chris Jones, filmmaker, author and founder of The London Screenwriters’ Festival, is the creative force behind the Twisted50 concept. About Chris.

Twisted50 is a book site with a difference. It’s like stepping into a cinematic world. Visit the Trailers and the News pages for really compelling content.

Specific Ghost Horror Stories

Many writing contests are a shot in the dark. Only genre and word limit are given, so an entry often feels like taking a punt, which basically it is. I liked this call for ghost horror stories, because the requirements were specific:

  • 1,000 words limit
  • Contemporary ghosts only
  • Christmas or seasonal theme
  • Ghost or Horror

It’s quite a challenge to establish characters, get a narrative down and add atmosphere in only a thousand words. It sounds roomy but it soon goes. However, these specific constraints and guides help you shape your ghost horror story concept as efficiently and economically as possible.

Buy Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas and the others in the Twisted50 series from Amazon worldwide sites. Have yourself a spooky little Christmas immersed in these ghost horror stories. You’re allowed to sleep with the light on.

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Image: Courtesy of Twisted50.