So many books, so little time. You can’t possibly get through them all, and everyone’s taste is different, so what your friend likes you might not. There are books, there are enjoyable reads, and the ones you couldn’t put down. Here are ones I simply didn’t want to end.

The Royal Companion

The Royal Companion (The Companion series Book 1) Genre: Medieval Fantasy Romance Tanya Bird

Summary: Female lead, 16 yo Aldara, is traumatised but brave and the reader identifies with every step of her navigation through a cruel and uncompromising mediaeval fantasy world.

Story: It’s the epic tale of love-against-the-odds between companion Aldara and her unlikely possessor, Prince Tyron, and make a painful fantasy romantic journey through heartbreak, devastating twists and come back together, but how does their story end? 

What I liked: I love mediaeval romance and intended to read a few chapters before I went to sleep, but I simply couldn’t put it down. I was drawn into the world and the rich cast of characters. It’s all about survival, physical, emotional and psychological. You become invested in the leads very quickly. The author does a great job of building a realistic and original medieval fantasy world, diverse characters and life-or-death situations, petty but lethal jealousies, and cliques jostling for position. There is also a strong theme of how badly women are treated by misogynistic societies, and sadly nothing has changed today. I can’t wait to read Book 2 and the rest of the series.

A Deal with Darkness

A Deal with Darkness (Eternal Night series Book 2) Genre: Medieval Fantasy Steamy Romance Alexis L. Menard

Summary: Isoldra Mann is a hound for Halaarcus, Lord of Darkness. He commands her to team up with Evander, a Divine, to track down a dark power threatening to unleash a plague and destroy the realm.

Story: In this enemies-to-lovers quest, we follow Isoldra and Evander on their long and dangerous hunt for the evildoer and the equally hazardous quest for Isoldra’s heart.

What I liked: Steeped in emotion without being sentimental, it’s beautiful, skillful writing. Here’s the introduction to one character: “Smoke thickened into a fog across the room, falling to form a figure with broad shoulders and a tapered waist, molding strong thighs on powerful legs.” The author handled world-building, atmosphere and pacing superbly and I got lost in the story from the first page. I bonded with the characters and there was just the right amount of steam.

I love the photo because it’s like their wandering through the forest, which happens a lot.

Reads you couldn’t put down?

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The Billionaire’s Wake-Up-Call Girl

The Billionaire’s Wake-Up-Call Girl: (Billionaires of Manhattan) Annika Martin Genre: Contemporary Steamy Romcom

Summary: Lizzie Cooper needs to survive 30 days in her new job to collect her bonus and get out of there. The bonus is a matter of life or death for Lizzie, because if she can’t pay what she owes the loan sharks, well…

Story: Super-superior billionaire CEO, Theo Drummond, runs his company like a prison camp, until Lizzie deflates his overblown ego and disturbs his carefully imposed order. This is a roller-coaster, laugh-a-minute, enemies-to-lovers romcom.

What I liked: Everything. The witty writing, the characters, the humour, the twists, the steam, the cookies, the accurate portrayal of contemporary office working life. And most of all, it’s set in New York, my fave setting for romcoms. I think you’ll agree with me that you couldn’t put this read down.

Star Crossed

Star Crossed: A Second Chance Hollywood Romance Genre: Contemporary Enemies-to-Lovers Steamy Romance CD Reiss

Summary: Michael Graydon is a Very Big Movie Star, an A-Lister. His painful past is embodied in Laine, a successful paparazzi. The trouble is, because of their work and respective roles, they can’t avoid each other, or their unresolved heartbreak.

Story:  This enemies-to-lovers telling of the romance of Michael and Laine follows their painful journey through their attempts to be together, despite the world trying to tear them apart.

What I liked: The structure most of all. It’s a totally watertight believable setting with compelling insights into how the entertainment media works. Place sympathetic, 3D, relatable characters in there and fill it with danger, steam and heartbreak and you have an unputdownable page-turner. Also, It’s set in LA, which I know superficially and I felt I was there. The writing is top notch.

Khaos Has Come

Khaos Has Come (Apocalypse Blockers Book 24) Genre: Space Opera Comedy, Fantasy, Humour, Satire Simon Carr

Summary: The story of spaceship captain, Rick Toenail, and his crew, as they hurtle to the make-or-break conclusion of their 24-book journey to defeat Khaos, an evil entity who wants to destroy the known universe… and the rest.

Story: It’s a quest in space, or space opera if you like, except there aren’t fat ladies singing. They couldn’t get a note in through the relentless banter.

What I liked: Simon Carr is the wittiest writer since Terry Pratchett. Combine his style with story elements of Douglas Adams and you get these whacky space opera journeys peppered with satire and jokes fired faster than an automatic firearm.

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