The past two years have been grim and the UK is not getting back to normal any time soon, although many of us are making an effort. I’m not going to dwell on the ‘P’ word, only to say the rest of the world is moving on but the UK is still mired in chaotic government and scary statistics.

Make It Stop

We’ve missed family and friends. Social media can be very supportive and there’s always online video links. Otherwise, how do we cope? Pure escapism is the answer. We’ve got to deal with real life, but it’s too much to take without respite and it’s okay to want to leave it behind and make it stop from time to time.

Big Screen, Small Screen

There’s some fab music out these days and we have online libraries. I have missed travelling, but cinemas and clubs have reopened, so there’s that.  Some movies really are best on a big screen, but we’re getting outstanding entertainment and storytelling from streamers and TV channels. MIDNIGHT MASS and SQUID GAME are shocking and thought-provoking. In that genre of high drama horror, we should add PARASITE, the movie. On a lighter note, I’m also catching up on the series GOSSIP GIRL and LUCIFER and looking forward to the new seasons of LOCKE & KEY and YOU. But what about books? And do you prefer the digital format or a solid paperback?

Pure Escapism

What’s your pure escapism when you need to catch a break? In my case, getting away from it all is in writing fiction as well as reading it. I love creating a story world and getting immersed in it. This year, I’ve been dipping into more genres and trying to expand my reading tastes and writing skills; I’ve discovered urban fantasy and dark fantasy by authors on Urban Epics and writers like Leigh Bardugo, for example, whose Shadow and Bone series was recently picked up by Netflix . There’s some great work out there.

It’s Not Over

As a writer, I’m learning the advantages of writing a series instead of stand-alones. Readers seem to prefer series these days. Do you? DESTRUCTION, my dark fae fantasy is Book One in my first series and I’m loving it. It’s had a good reaction so far and books two and three will be out in 2022. 

What’s Your Favourite Genre?

This year, I’ve also released a supernatural horror ghost story, TOMB OF THE RUBY HEART. I have a new ghost story in progress that I’m so excited about and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s more comedic with less of the horror and more of the absurd, but also black humour and it’s pure escapism. It’ll be out early next year.

How do you take your pure escapism? What’s your favourite genre? From gritty reality to pure make-believe, how far along the fantasy scale do you like your viewing or your fiction? Do you prefer series or stand-alones, or do you read both? Comment below.

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Image courtesy of Luis Uerena, Negative Space