“Merry” is time-expired. The Christmas decs must come down. We’re 3 days overdue.

A friend of mine went on a Caribbean cruise recently, and I’ve added a pic from his trip to inspire you for 2016. Thanks to Malcolm Welshman for permission to use it.

My new year news? I’m working on a new fiction project, client work and stuff for the blog. I love blogging, so it’s hard for me to get off it.

But the fiction is exciting too, so I’m enjoyably busy for the next few weeks.

I promised you some reviews of writers apps, especially apps for screenwriters. These are my next task. I’ve just confirmed my subscription to Scrivener and I intend to have a look at Grammarly too, since its popularity has grown so much.

Come back for more new year news. It’s always good to see you.