World War Three, Pandemic, Climate Change, Overpopulation, Famine? Take your pick of the horror stories. We often feel powerless in the face of such overwhelming disasters, but at the very least we can inform our leaders politely but firmly of our views, and plead for peace and or mitigation. Pushback starts at ground level. These events and the evils of the world may threaten to overwhelm us. What can we do to influence matters? Very little it seems, but we can take some time out to focus on our wins and celebrate the things we do have control over.

Horrific Wins

This February I snagged two screenwriting awards. My short script, ROASTED, is a quarterfinalist in KILLER SHORTS 2022 and a feature script of my TOMB OF THE RUBY HEART STORY was selected by OREGON SCREAMS HORROR FILM FESTIVAL SPRING 2022. Thanks guys!

You can check the full list and read more about Oregon Screams here.

There are some really cool trophies to be won, so here’s hoping my screenplays advance. I don’t enter hardly any screenwriting contests these days. I just don’t have the cash. Instead, I’m focusing on getting more work out there. I’ll add the laurels to my gallery. I think I’ve run out of disk space and have to upgrade, so there’s that.


I’m locked out of anything that demands hard cash, so I’m putting my effort into what I can do for free or for very little cost. The pundits say to keep writing, and that’s fine, but even the creative tank empties and has to be monitored, so I guard mine. I’m working on three projects right now.

Dark Forest Dryad, my main urban fantasy series. I’m writing Book 2 now and I’m excited about it because the world-building is fun and intriguing. It’s full of dark characters and surprises and I can’t wait to share it with you. I hadn’t expected the story to take this turn, so I’m finding it fascinating and I hope you will too, when you get to see it. I plan to launch it early summer.

You can get Book 1, DESTRUCTION, here, or read it in Kindle Unlimited.

By the way, I have a prequel for this story coming out too. It’s my hero Lucy’s origin story and it’s a bit more of a horror story in getting a real fright, the original jump scare. I hope you enjoy that too.

I’m working on my newest script with a production development team, so I can’t talk about that, but it’s very exciting, and I can see the poster for it in my mind’s eye.

For light relief from the horror stories, I’m about to start the second draft of a paranormal romance with rom-com moments and I am SO looking forward to this. I spent a lot of time on the first draft last year, the cover is done and I can’t wait to launch it, hopefully later in the year.

Those are three big projects that are grabbing all my time for the first half of 2022.

There’s Publicity and then there’s Tip-Offs

Somebody approached me to ask if they could feature my futuristic urban fantasy FAR OUT on a new website for readers which they’re launching. It’s so exciting and I practically bit their hand off, but more about that later. My subscribers get advance news and freebies before I put it out there, and extra stuff. Sign up! It won’t cost you anything. If you’ve dodged the annoying pop-up box to get this far, you can sign up here. Type in your email address and hit subscribe.

Horror Stories

When I’m reading or watching a film, I always find with horror stories that the threat is scarier than the event so I try to write with that in mind. Keep reading, keep watching, keep creating, and let’s pray our world leaders keep the peace. Keep safe and try to keep cheerful.

By the way, the pop-up box features the cover of my supernatural horror fiction, TOMB OF THE RUBY HEART, which is only 99c/99p, if you’re looking for a horror story. Designed by Cover Kreations, UK, and made the banner of this post.