New Year sparkle died already? The bubbly’s gone flat and we’re all back at the day job. Never fear, Easter falls early this year on 27 March. Morrisons have got the Cadbury Creme Eggs in and it’s only 8th January.

Talking of bubbly, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, and other health experts, have officially declared red wine (and other tasty forms of alcohol) to be bad for you. They’re probably right but I can’t imagine the healthy option lobby being invited round to big brand names drinks industry’s for cocktails any time soon. Sugar’s next, by all accounts. Sweet.

So, boys and girls, eschew the booze and the chocolate and brace yourselves for a diet of lettuce and mineral water as you stagger into old age. Sound like fun?

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve seen on Facebook this holiday season? For me it was the graphic of, “How does a dog wear its pants?” You can google it. I’m not reproducing it here. Imagine all the wattage, server and network space consumed sending that one viral.