What’s everybody doing? Is your holiday reading different or do you stay with your genres but stack up the titles? The virus rules, spreading confusion with it. UK and world media chatter about post-pandemic but nobody really knows what that’s going to look like in our personal lives or any sector. In the midst of uncertainty, we can only hang onto what’s working for us, and sometimes we don’t know. From time to time a writer needs to mix it up and experiment, so here’s what I’m up to this summer. What’s your holiday reading?

New Releases

I’ve got two new releases this summer. One is a dark Fae fantasy coming-of-age story with a touch of romance and a sprinkling of magic. I’ve planned it as a trilogy.

DESTRUCTION is Book 1 of the Dark Forest Dryad series. For the next 48 hours the #kindle ebook is a free download, so load your TBR (to-be-read) pile. Book 2 will be out this time next year.

TOMB OF THE RUBY HEART is a supernatural horror. It’s set in a haunted ancient Egyptian tomb dug into a mountain. Evil spirits and ghosts star alongside mortal protagonists.

Formats? Kindle eBook, Paperback & KindleUnlimited.

I wish I could afford audiobooks but they’re so expensive to make and any titles would have to earn it by stacking up good sales in the printed formats first.

Anyway, you know the genres and I’ve linked each to the detail page (which links to Amazon) so you can make your minds up. I’d really, really appreciate reviews.

What’s Next?

I’m working on a body-swap romantic comedy set in ancient Egypt, which I already wrote as a screenplay. It’s a fun story and I thought it would work well as a novella. Got a delicious cover in progress, so watch out for a cover reveal and updates.

After that, I’ll be writing a creepy, ghosty story set in mediaeval London. I’m researching it now and I don’t know who’s story it is yet. She’ll walk into my head when she’s ready.

Amazon Author Page

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is really great at supporting authors and giving them a wide platform. My author page is here. Please follow. Amazon sends out auto-updates so you can get news faster than my manual updates here because I’m on KDP a lot. My titles are listed except for Tomb Of The Ruby Heart, which is under my “horror” pen name of F.F. Ross. You can also follow my Bookbub page.

Pic ‘n Mix

Authors are supposed to pick a genre and get known for it. “Pick a lane and stay in it!” cries the screenwriting community. I need to pick ‘n mix my fiction writing for a while and I’m having fun. This is a win in itself in the middle of this pandemic. I’ve been writing hard for a few years and the time has come when I need to experiment with readers and marketplace to see what lands. What’s more, I’m keen to expand my genre skills and see what I’m good at.

Remember to check out my catalogue.

Ultimately, you, the reader, decides. Your comments and feedback are always welcome and valued. Quick reminder, I could really, really do with reviews. Destruction is free currently, and I’ll be doing more free promos in future.

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