Update 19 April

Cover art news. Here’s our new cover for my @Skillshare class. We liked the traffic light but we like to be original too. The link to the class stays the same. It’s available in Premium Skillshare. Get 3 months for only 99c when you sign up, or you can go straight to my FREE class, 10 Creative Writing Howlers You Should Avoid, but hurry. Free doesn’t last for ever! (Until the end of the month, when my new class for May goes up.) Happy writing (as they say). The link is here: http://skl.sh/1SvNa4B

Chibi young girl writer, big red hair, green eyes, standing at white board with teacher's pointer.

NEW cover art for Write Your Short Story

Announcing my first ever online class, Write Your Short Story, on Skillshare.com It’s a great platform and a huge resource of self-contained video tutorials in bite-sized lessons for hungry learners. Join for free with this promo code (below).  Many classes are offered free, but you can try the Premium membership for only 99 cents for three whole months and have access to the huge stash of classes including writing, design, arts and crafts, cooking, travel, music and many more. Skillshare is a friendly community with lots of interaction. Join over one million students learning across thousands of classes. Be a student and become a teacher. If you have something to offer, share it with the world. Hope to see you there.

Update 27 March

“The record number of points scored in one NBA game by a single player is 100, set by Wilt Chamberlain in March, 1962. We’re more impressed by your class.” The Skillshare team to me. Woot! Join us and get 3 months Premium membership for 99c! My new class will be up in April, so check back here for publication date.

Skillshare gold 100 rosette

100 Club!


Update 18 March

“Congratulations! Your class has 25 students. You’re the hottest thing under the sun.” Officially trending, folks.

A gold ribbon rosette with 25 in white on the circle.

25 Students in Your Class


A Wattpad Skillshare Teach Contest Promotion. Read about it on the Skillshare blog.