Open The Gates of Hades

please pay the boatman here, for your ride to hell

Update June 28 2016

Are you ready to meet your fate? The Gates of Hades are open. Prepare to meet your doom! LOL. But before you go, please support me in making my first ever feature movie. We’ve kicked off our crowd-funding campaign to add to the magic and make our movie the best it can be. Will you contribute? Awesome! And if you can share on social media, that would be fab too. A million thanks for your support. Come and join us in the fun. You can donate here. The button is red – blood red. 

We’re hugely grateful to Magnus Capital, our co-producer, Brett Wolcott, and 48 Projects for $100,000 to kickstart our campaign to get us off the ground. Thank you so much.

Gates of Hades The Movie

I am privileged to be invited onto the writing team of this movie, Gates of Hades. In pre-production.

Executive Producers Francesco Vitali and Christos Siametis will lead the 48FILM Festival “Dream Team” of 2015 to make the film. Starring Theodora Greece (more to be announced soon). Shooting in Greece. Scheduled release 2017. Watch out for updates.

We’d been researching this for a while and it’s great to see it come to fruition. Still some polishing to do, and looking forward to seeing the production team bring their skills to it now.

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Update 17 May 

Currently working on Gates of Hades The Book.