Here in Blighty

We’re not used to these tropical temperatures. They make our sang froid simmer, and we sizzle like spit-roasted lizards. Must be a bit like that where you are, right? But there you are, stuck in your sweaty swivel chair, rockin’ the ole nine-tuh-five and wishing you could get a break.

By Jingo, It’s Hot

Wouldn’t you love to be somewhere else?
Wouldn’t you like to get out to the park, enjoy a bit of sun, stretch out the lizard limbs and let your imagination soar on the thermals?
Even if it was only for an hour?
Just to take your mind off things?

Take A Break

Well, now you can.
I can?
Yes.  Let the boss wallow in his admin pit and take a trip 100 years into the future. All you need is your eReader; you can be there in a couple of clicks.

Far Out!