So you’re a writer, huh?

How’s your writer’s journey going? Thirsty hungry and tired yet? Blisters on the feet? Not to mention fingers. Did anyone give you the lowdown before you started?

I thought not. Nobody told you you’d be schizo from your double life, bleary from your double vision, and staggering from sleep deprivation, malnourishment and exhaustion. Now you’re worried you’ve run out of road before you’re even halfway down it.

10 Survival Tips for Long Distance Writers

Relax. I have a survival package for you. Stuff I learnt the hard way.

Young and bouncy? Well, good for you, but I tellya, like water on a stone, the writing process will wear you down in the end. Protect your body and conserve your strength early, and you’ll last longer. Seriously.

Learning Resources for Writers on Skillshare

In my class, 10 Survival Tips for Long Distance Writers, you will design a strategy for surviving the long distance writer’s journey and create a writing lifestyle that works for you.

Ready to start? Here’s the link.

And this class, 10 Creative Writing Howlers You Should Avoid, is free until 30 April, so grab it while you can. Remember, you can get 3 months Premium Membership on Skillshare for only 99c. You can do a lot of learning in three months, so go for it! While you’re there, check out my first class, Write Your Short Story.

Happy writing.