Announcing my new class on the Skillshare light-bite learning platform: 10 Creative Writing Howlers You Should Avoid.

Did you know writers make mistakes they’re not always aware of? Whilst unique voice and style come first, there are certain errors which all writers need to know about and – mostly – avoid. I say ‘mostly’ because when you know the rules, you can break them, but you need to know how to break them. There are ways and means.

10 Common Creative Writing Mistakes

I’ve put together ten lessons in a class of 25 minutes which summarises what I’ve learnt, by trial and error, by classes and research, over my years indulging in creative writing. I hope my tips save you time and trouble and fast-track you to top-quality writing. Knowledge is power, so they say.

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This class is FREE until the end of April, and you can enroll without signing up. I’ll just mention you can also get 3 months subscription to Skillshare for only 99 cents and access thousands of video tutorials on every topic through my link, so grab it now.

10 Creative Writing Howlers You Should Avoid: Here’s the link again

My Series of Creative Writing Tutorials

This is my second class on Skillshare. You can find my first class Writing Short Stories here.

My next class will be up in May, so keep checking in! Thanks for your support and keep writing.